The Story
Crescent Moon



of initiative (and creation) there is one elementary truth: that the moments one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. A whole stream of events
issues from the decision, raising one's
favor all manner of unforseen
incidents, and meetings
and material assistance
which no (human)
could have dreamed
would come
his way."      


We met almost by accident. A shepherdess/indie dyer/yoga teacher/conjurer of magical potions meets a sketcher/collage-maker/travel lover/tech writer at a wool retreat - one that neither of us had entirely planned on attending.

We squealed over our shared love of Cath Kidston prints! And waved our hands in the air just a bit more over our shared interest in French vide greniers, tarot cards, and rainy Sundays at the Victoria and Albert Museum. The most rapturous enthusiasm, however, was our shared belief that traveling, more than anything, invokes creativity by its very nature.


We realized that seeing the world with the fresh perspective, and having genuine and serendipitous meetings with all those whose paths we are destined to cross, makes your art come alive! Connecting what you see, hear, and experience - through your hands, the hands of a maker - the the world made new by our adventures on distant shores. Layers of memory become woven into the fabric of your being. Travel and craft - a true time machine for the senses that can be drawn upon time and time again in the years to come.

We started to make lists - of countries, cities, of gardens, and experiences that we wanted to have. Teachers we wanted to learn with, projects and crafts we wanted to try. And then, one of us sold her house, quit her job of 34 years, and moved to one of the most beautiful countries in the world (but that's another story to tell you). The other one of us tended her flock, sewed amazing vegetables of stupendous size, and embroidered funky clogs. They floated up a fjord, counted coins in the back of a taxi bouncing over moose tracks and smelled rose bushes, and thought - wouldn't other people like to do what we do? Go adventuring, just the right sort of adventures ... where things happen, and don't happen, and there's always time for tea, and a walk with wine.

We invite you, now, to join the journey with us, and seek your authentic artistic adventure together.

In creative pursuits we trust,

Summer & Jane