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Hi!  I'm Summer.  Wanderer, gatherer and maker.

From as far back as I can remember, I’ve navigated the world with a sense of curiosity and wonder.  My Gram taught me to wander and observe the natural world.  Each spring a new pair of wellies would appear, as if by magic, and we would go out to discover what was awakening in the melting Michigan snow.  With that same magic, boxes of crayons and pads of papers encouraged me to draw what I observed. Over the years my wanderings took me further and further from my Gram’s magical garden and woodland to other lands and big cities.  My creativity grew from coloring and gathering pretty rocks, feathers and flowers to a love of textiles, natural dyes and art inspired by nature.  Don’t worry, my pockets are usually still filled with rocks, feathers, or shells at the end of a walk though!


In between wanderings I called Virginia home for most of my adult life.   On a small farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains, a small flock of merino and rambouillet sheep provided me with the perfect canvas to explore the world of natural dyes.  Hosting workshops at the farm allowed me to share my love of hand dyed yarn, textiles, stitching and sewing as well as inspire the early concept for hosting retreats.  


I now spend time in the US and the UK wandering, learning and creating. My passion for textiles continues and has become blended with mixed media in contemporary weaving and tapestries incorporating natural elements and found objects all inspired by the British countryside.


It has long been a dream of mine to gather kindred spirits and provide a lovely place to connect, share stories, create art and make lifelong memories. I’ve found that lovely place within the dramatic landscapes of Scotland and England. 


I invite you to wander with me.

                Your Wandering Crafter,


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