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I joined this Wandering Craft Retreat not completely sure of what to expect. But now, having experienced the magic, the camaraderie, the sights, sounds and tastes of another country with these folks, I’m not sure I can ever sign up for a retreat with another outfit and have it deliver an experience that will measure up.

Summer and Jane and their crew were so very thoughtful, flexible, and attentive to every retreat goer's needs. They clearly communicated what was happening and when, they graciously gave their time while teaching us new artistic skills, and when unexpected moments arose, they graciously and expertly managed the slight changes that inevitably enrich a travel experience. 

In my creative life as an artist and designer, I have frequently revisited the work I created and the skills I Iearned while on the retreat.  Although, when I returned home I that found that I had not taken nearly as many photos as I thought. We were all so very in the moment, so connected to the places we visited, and each other, that my camera was far from my mind.

The memories and friendships we created are so very valuable, but when you couple those things with Summer and Jane’s itinerary of the most beautiful historic sites, gardens and lambs, mountains and lakes - and then wrap it all up with a blanket of art and creativity, there’s just nothing better or more healing. Trust me: your heart needs a Wandering Craft Retreat. The whole experience was an incredible gift.

Maryellen K., Twist Style     Spring 2022

My husband and I attended the Wandering Craft retreat in April 2022 and I really can’t begin to describe what a wonderful week I spent touring the English Lakes district and Edinburgh. Everything was wonderful…..the organization with such attention to detail, the wonderful classes, the delicious food, and the camaraderie. Brian, our tour guide, took us to the most fabulous places and was so knowledgeable with the history of the area. We loved it so much I’m going back in April 2023.

Annie H. Spring 2022


Such a wonderful Wandering Crafts retreat in and around the Highlands of Scotland last Fall.  From charming accommodations, deliciously prepared meals, beautifully crafted retreat materials, crafting inspiration from Jane and Summer as well as our retreat artist, Anne Kelly, and a personable, professional tour guide—they thought of and provided everything for a relaxed, fulfilling retreat.  My daughter and I had such a good time, we’ve joined their upcoming retreat in Argyll!


Melissa J. and Erika W.  Autumn 2021

Retreating in Scotland with the Wandering Crafters was a trip of a lifetime. I have only traveled overseas once and I always get anxious when doing something totally different like this trip. But right after I picked my bag up in Edinburgh, Brian was right there waiting for me. It was so wonderful seeing a familiar face as soon as I stepped into a new country. Summer, Jane, and Valerie left out no details. I loved Jane's reassuring emails leading up to the retreat about all the things a newbie would need to know and do. Everything was thought out and planned exquisitely. I didn't realize how much traveling with someone who could show me the ropes helped relieve any residual stress. Brian, Jane, Summer, and Valerie are a dream team for traveling to Scotland! And the retreat itself was fulfilling and magical! I saw more sheep than I've ever seen. I got to see the lambs playing and I saw one standing on it's momma's back.


The Wandering Craft retreat attracted some of the most amazing people I have ever met in my life. The energy was absolutely positive and full of light. There were nights when we journaled with wine and chatted about our adventures and watched the sun set over the highlands.


I still think about Valerie's meals from the retreat. And Brian's eggs in the morning. I am so grateful that I took this trip. I'll never forget it. And I plan to go back!


Mindy L.  Mindy Lacefield Art Spring 2022


Loved the historical & travel parts; I learned so much more about Scotland with the addition of the tour component, than I ever would have from a craft retreat alone. Super interesting.  The food was fabulous, the scenery amazing and to have it all pulled together in a neat package made for a unique crafty experience. Thank you for that! Am looking forward to the next one with new friends and crafters!


Paula O.  Autumn 2021

Thank you for an amazing retreat. You've created something very special. I can't imagine the hours, sweat, and tears it takes to organize all of the logistics. It was clear that you'd made an effort to thoughtfully consider all details, big and small. And, your secret ingredient is YOU! You put so much of yourselves into the retreat. I look forward to attending another Wandering Craft Retreat someday.

Denise S. Autumn 2022

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