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Come wander


It would involve travel – of course – to the most magical country I know of, with local contacts who know all the best places for artists to go. Who tell stories and folklore (not just dates), and share them authentically. We’ll have guides who understand that creative people need time and space to create, and infuse the spirit – the essence - of place into our craft.


We’ll have local, fresh food, sourced from the land and sea that infuse it with character and richness. We’ll stay in historic homes, with ‘one up and two down’ stairs, and cozy nooks inviting us to curl up by the fire and muse away the evening, perhaps with a glass of wine.


We’ll enjoy learning with expert teachers who inspire and share in-depth knowledge of their processes. We’ll be invited to try new art techniques that would allow us to grow in a supportive and relaxed fashion. We could also spin our familiar skills into new forms, in a cozy, gentle way. We’ll have enough students to make new friends, but keep it small enough to guarantee individual attention.


We’ll relax knowing that the nitty-gritty - the practical details - were all in safe, practiced hands. We’ll engage a professional tour guide, with years of experience at showing the country at its best. A guide who knows where the good restaurants are, and the local craft shops, (and where the bathrooms are!); all those practical things that can get in the way of carefree enjoyment if you’re winging it on your own.


In other words, we would feel artistically fulfilled, properly supported, and most of all – recharged and inspired by it. So – I did exactly that.


I designed 'that' retreat - and now, I want to share it with you. 


Will you join me?

with Mindy Lacefield

with Danielle Donaldson

with Sharon Payne Bolton

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